Migrating an Uberspace account

I am running a virtual machine at Uberspace.de for about eight years. Unfortunately its operating system will be deprecated at the end of this very year. As a consequence, users must configure a new machine using another account. The staff at Uberspace makes it as easy as possible by providing a migration guide.

I decided to use the occasion to not move data from one machine to the new one. Instead I did a clean install, so as to get rid of old stuff. The main service I run on the machine nowadays is just Nextcloud anyway. The basic setup was just straighforward. Create a new account on Uberspace. Log in via ssh. Download Nextcloud, extract the archive, and point the browser to its document root. Some minimal configuration work was required, well documented over there.

Two time consuming tasks still had to be done. Firstly, I had to extract the user data from the previous installation and to import it into the new. It was not really difficult, but I had to circumvent several pitfalls. The second task was really time consuming – reconfiguring all apps on all devices so as to use the newly created installation. This included a Mac desktop computer and five Android devices. Once again, it was not really difficult, but time consuming.

I’m glad I did it, since the Nextcloud installation was out of date anyway. If the new Uberspace installation lasts for another eight years, the afternoon was well invested.

And by the way, Uberspace is an outstanding provider.