Korg logue synthesizers – Creating backups

Via the edit modes of the synths, it is possible to dump traditional SysEx data via MIDI and USB connections. The dumps can include either the currently selected program or all data.

Fortunately, Korg makes it more convenient to create backups via some Sound Librarian software, available for both the prologue and the minilogue xd. Korg even provides user manuals as PDF documents, which can be found within the .app bundle.

In case your synth is connected via a USB cable, the librarian automatically fetches the data of the synth. The file menu contains a couple of entires to save your data. Save as… creates a file with the extension . prlglib. It contains the 500 programs, the user scales, and the setlist data. Global data of the synth seems to be missing as well as user oscillators and user FX.

Besides such an exhaustive backup, the file menu also provides an entry named Save program data…. This creates a file with the extension .prlgprog. Such a file just contains a single program. As a consequence, the menu entry is disabled in case more than one program are selected in the Librarian software.

Either file type is just a zip archive. In case you are curious what they contain, just add the extension .zip to those files and extract them with your preferred archiver.

Pressing the respectively Send all buttons in the librarian will overwrite the corresponding content on your synth. So before loading third party programs, e.g. as downloaded from presetpatch.com for the prologue or minilogue xd, I recommend to do a proper backup first, so you can easily restore your synth to the previous state after listening to the new programs.