Mac OS Big Sur – update issues

Recently Apple released macOS 11.0.1 »Big Sur«. The update consists of about 12 GB of data to download. The update of two machines went well without any major issues like bricked machines reported by other users.

Of course a major Apple update causes the usual hickups like apps not working properly. In case such apps are still maintained, an update will iron out the issues. In case an app is not maintained, it usually means one has to search for a replacement.

Since the update, internet connectivity is unstable. It intermittently disconnects. I first thought my ISP has some issues. Meanwhile it appears to be an issue of Big Sur. Some users have figured out several workarounds to get rid of the issues. Since a reset of two machines required a lot of setup work I’d like to avoid, I hope Apple will distribute an update during the next couple of days. I also hope the update will load properly despite the networking issues.

Update 2020-11-19:

I used the following command to identify kernel extensions not originating from Apple:

kextstat | grep -v

I found a driver for my USB audio device which I uninstalled using its original installer. This didn’t change anything, so I reinstalled it.

Update 2020-11-22:

Rebooting with Shift key depressed didn’t help either.