Korg announced the Kronos 2

There have been some rumors, since the Kronos X 88 has not been available for purchase for quite some while now. Meanwhile Korg announced the Kronos 2, so the most obvious new features are now known. The changes can be classified as »minor improvements«. The piano engine has been updated, the touch screen now accepts […]

The joy of Kronos

After excessively testing the Kronos, I’m completely overwhelmed. I didn’t expect it being that great. Though the grand and electric piano, the organ and string modelling engines already provide a more than pleasing playground, I’m especially impressed by the AL-1 analog modeling and MOD-7 FM engines. Reliability Despite the complexity the device runs relatively stable. […]

Korg MS-20 Envelope Generator 2 Behaviour

Ages ago I tried to cope with the EG2 of the Kronos’ software implementation of the MS-20. Meanwhile there are hardware reissues of at least two manufacturers, KORG and Behringer. The behaviour of EG2 is consistent to the original machine, which makes some users scratch their heads. Many synthesizers provide two ADSR envelopes, one for […]

Expressive E – Osmose

Anders als Gitarristen hat man als Keyboarder keinen direkten Einfluss auf die Tonhöhe. Dafür finden sich an Synthesizern üblicherweise Spielhilfen, um Vibrato und Tonhöhenbeugungen vornehmen zu können. Mit den klassischen Rädern bin ich nie richtig warm geworden. Glücklicherweise verfügte mein langjähriges Masterkeyboard (Roland A50) über den Rolandtypischen Jammerhaken. Für Korg ist der Joystick typisch. Die […]

Setting up Korg’s logue SDK

At least during the last decade, Korg became a company which constantly generates “Products that customers love™”. From Legacy collection over Kronos to Minilogue, further to the famous Prologue and finally the Minilogue xd, Korg keeps the market busy. The recent Minilogue xd borrows an outstanding feature from the Prologues. Users can write their very […]

Jordan Rudess und Marco Parisi auf der Musikmesse 2015

Ich war nicht auf der Messe. Alleine für diese Veranstaltung aber hätte es sich gelohnt. Die Werbeblöcke für Korg und die Online-Bibliotheken denkt (bzw. hört) man sich natürlich weg. Selten bekommt man zwei wirklich gute Keyboarder so direkt mit so unterschiedlichen Sounds ab. Im Korg-Forum klagt allerdings jemand: They must be something wrong with my […]

Resurrecting Vocal Highlands

The Korg Kronos includes all samples of the Korg Wavestation (»0488 Soft EP through 0971 VS155«). Despite the fact that Korg meanwhile offers a software based Wavestation emulation, the Kronos does not include it. Instead, the HD-1 engine must be used. Unfortunately there is no converter available, so resurrecting sounds requires manual work. I was […]

John Bowen Solaris

As the synth addict I am, I’m completely overwhelmed by the machine John Bowen has designed. I had no occasion yet to put my hands on a real device. However, musictrackjp provides a great overview, regardless I do not understand japanese :) . Even via the internet, one senses the organic character of its audio […]

Korg MS-20 Envelope 2 Behaviour

For quite a while now, Korg put a lot of efforts in resurrecting some of their legacy machines. This includes, for example, the Wavedrum, the Polysix, and the MS-20. The Kronos includes the latter two as software engines. While the emulations sound pretty good, I have a hard time getting used to the MS-20 emulation, […]

The Korg Wavedrum

I wonder why Korg didn’t name the instrument Kavedrum, since this would better fit other Korg products like Kronos and KingKorg :) . I had the occasion to play the instrument this weekend. Frankly, I was completely impressed by the sensitivity of its membrane and rim. The built in sounds include really special stuff, and […]

The Hang and the Duduk

I had the occasion to hear a Hang being played one summer eve of 2012 in Wissembourg. It’s a very interesting musical instrument as it appears to be a combination of a percussion and a pitched instrument, similar to a Steelpan. Dmitry Yeryomin (aka SynthKeyWizard, SKW) shared samples of the instrument for the Korg Kronos. […]