Korg Kronos Panel Overlay

The knobs, button and sliders of the left hand panel of the Korg Kronos can be used to adjust several parameters of the Kronos’ synthesis engines by enabling the button »Tone Adjust/EQ«. However, since the Kronos provides 9 engines, the parameters are not printed on the surface. The user needs to consult the manual to get a clue about the mapping of controllers to parameters.

Thus Kris aka dongfang created two cool overlays for the MS-20EX and PolysixEX engines which can be found via korgforums.com or kronoscopie.fr. Just print the PDF to paper sheets and cut them accordingly.

I’ve created similar sheets but for all of the engines. The sheets are available in PDF and OpenOffice Drawing formats, contained in one zip file available for download.

Hint: I used paper of 160 gramms per square meter. I printed all pages, put them all on one stack and used a sharp knife to cut them in one go. This worked (and saved me some time), but the cuts of the pages low in the stack are not as proper as the ones of the upper pages. If you are a perfectionist, choose another method :) .