Simple Sysexxer

Simple Sysexxer 0.2

Simple Sysexxer 0.2

Simple Sysexxer is a GUI tool to create backups of the memory contents of MIDI devices. It was created using the famous platform independent C++ classes of (which formerly belonged to Trolltech and meanwhile was acquired by Nokia).

Features & Notes

  • Receive, save, load and send SysEx data.
  • No support for sending SysEx requests. Use the interface of your device to start the transmission instead.
  • No support for in-application MIDI connections. Use aconnect or qjackcontrol as with any other MIDI application.
  • Support for sending SysEx data contained in standard MIDI files (SMF).
  • Support for dragging files onto its interface.
  • Support for passing a filename to open on the command line (needed for right-mouse-button-click respectively desktop integration).
  • Available in english, french (thanks to Raphaël Doursenaud) and german language. If you want it to appear in your mother tongue, do not hesitate to drop me a line.


You can either download a release archive and unpack it, or get the code from SVN:
svn co

After you got the source, execute the following commands in the source directory:

  • qmake
  • make
  • bin/simplesysexxer


I hope Simple Sysexxer is easy and intuitive to use. There are several actions which can be invoked from the menus, via the buttons or key combos:

  • After starting Simple Sysexxer, connect its MIDI ports to the desired source or destination ports of your system. To do so, use either aconnect on the command line of a graphical tool like qjackcontrol or patchage:
    Connecting Simple Sysexxer

    Connecting Simple Sysexxer

  • The file open action loads the contents of a SysEx file or the SysEx data embedded in a standard MIDI file. For the latter one, set the file filter type in the file dialog to display MIDI files. Files can also be opened using drag and drop:
    Simple Sysexxer Filefilter

    Simple Sysexxer Filefilter

  • The file send action sends the currently loaded data to the MIDI out port of Simple Sysexxer. During the transmission, a progress bar will be displayed:
    Simple Sysexxer 0.2

    Simple Sysexxer 0.2

  • The stop action allows to halt either a transmission or a reception.
  • The reception action lets Simple Sysexxer listen for incoming SysEx events. Start the transmission from the interface of your device. As soon all data was transmitted by the device, use the stop action. During the reception, a busy indicator will appear:
    Simple Sysexxer Receiving

    Simple Sysexxer Receiving

  • The file save action allows to save the currently loaded data to a persistent storage medium, such as hard drives or flash memory of your computer. The file format is just raw SysEx file with a .syx extension.
  • The clear action discards all currently loaded data.