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Waypointcatcher resurrected for Maemo 5

Waypointcatcher on Maemo 5 (aka Fremantle)

Waypointcatcher on Maemo 5 (aka Fremantle)

As the location API has changed in Fremantle from libgpsbt to liblocation, the previously released version of waypointcatcher won’t do the job on the N900.

I’ve thus updated the python code, which despite its C&P nature just »works for me«. I’ll share the application on request, until I find the time to do the necessary cleanup and to offer a proper point and click installation link.

Its main purpose is to collect waypoints for openstreetmap, as Mapper does not record marks reliably ATM.

“Landgraben” in Karlsruhe now part of the openstreetmap data


Based on a description of a local Wiki, I have added the Landgraben to the openstreetmap database. It’s an old ditch, started back in 1588. Nowadays it’s completely covered in the inner city and part of Karlsruhe’s sewer system. It still gives some places and streets their unique look and (often triangular) shape, like the Lidell– and Ludwigsplatz or the Sophienstraße.

Ruby script to convert waypoints to MaemoMapper POIs

I’ve just written a small Ruby script which can convert GPX waypoints to a sqlite database file to be used in MaemoMapper. The next time I get surprised by some rainy clouds while riding my bike in the forests, I will at least know where the next shelter can be found:


If you need some material to play with the script, I have just updated the POIs for europe as well. Hope you like it.

Navit for biking: useful, but not ready for »Joe Average«

Last weekend I thought it would have been the last warm and sunny one this year, but I was wrong. So guess what, I’ve been to Wissembourg by bike again. Having OSM data displayed through Navit on the N810 is a great joy and pleasure, especially the many details I added during the last months. The display of the N810 just is marvellous, you even can read it in direct sunlight. Its colours are excellent.

I noticed the following issues in Navit which we should addredd during the next months: Continue reading