Playing the Dubois organ for some family members

Yesterday, after three times of practicing, I was allowed to play the Dubois organ for some family members. Taking the usual glitches and inaccuracies aside, I got the program played rather well, except the Basse de Cromhorne, where I didn’t manage to play the many eights reliably.

As a result of what I achieved so far, the next steps are:

  • Gain reliability. I’m still making too many faults.
  • Gain (rhythmic) precision. This is key for a joyful user experience.
  • Pay more attention to articulation. This can almost automatically be achieved by the aforementioned points.
  • Broaden the repertoire. Currently I can just play a fistful of pieces.

During the last nine months since I restarted to play pipe organs, I learned plenty of things. Last but not least, my left hand playing did profit from the french baroque music I’m currently playing. It’s a really rewarding hobby.