Georg Böhm – Vater unser im Himmelreich – Sheet music release

Georg Böhm used the chorale »Vater unser im Himmelreich« to write two pieces. Both have been attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach in former times. Thus they are also known as BWV-760 and BWV-761.

There are two editions of BWV-760 published by Breitkopf & Härtel. The later publication »Georg Böhm (1661-1733), Sämtliche Werke für Orgel« of Klaus Beckmann contains far less ornaments than the earlier »Georg Böhm (1661-1733), Sämtliche Werke für Tasteninstrumente« by Gesa respectively Johannes Wolgast. The International Music Score Library Project offers a Scan of the issue of 1927. The piece can be found in volume 2 on page 136. Menno van Delft played it on a historic instrument of Arp Schnitger.

Bernard Greenberg offers the Beckmann version via I used his work to transform the score into the Wolgast version by adding the ornaments according to the scan. The archive contains three files:

  • The three pages of the piece of the scanned document.
  • The Muse Score sheet music file (so you can taylor it to your likings).
  • A PDF of the score.

Have fun playing it.