Electric Chick

Recently (2008-07-19), I’ve been at a concert of the reunion tour of Return to Forever. It was a great concert and I enjoyed each second individually. Right now I’m listening to an audio CD called “Electric Chick” (which has nothing to do with "fried chicken", I hope ;-). It’s music recorded between 1976 and 1978, released on 2008-05-06. The pieces have been taken from the albums Secret Agent, Friends, My Spanish Heart, The Leprechaun and The Mad Hatter. The latter one is one of my “all time favourite” albums.

The selection of pieces is excellent, though I hoped to get some alternative takes. If you ever wanted to know why Chick Corea is such a great composer and musician, why the Minimoog is such an excellent instrument and how Chick creates a perfect symbiosis between electronic and traditional instruments – this CD will provide you an answer. Listen to Joe Farrell‘s outstanding flute playing in "Sicily" and "Friends", the interesting harmonics of "Fickle Funk", the MiniMoog solos in "Love Castle" respectively "Wind Dance" and, finally, "The Mad Hatter Rhapsody", featuring “just another” marvellous synth solo and Gayle Moran‘s Scat Singing.

The best of all: The price tag for this sampler is about 6 EUR – much value for a less than reasonable price :) .