The Kisselbach Gloria Klassik 240


During a trip to Rhodes island I received a request to play the instrument in my homeland I used to play almost 30 years ago. I spent one day listening to and selecting pieces I thought I could learn during the 4 months remaining.

Back to germany, I was in desperate need of a setup to learn the pieces I had committed to. The cheapest option was to use existing synthesizers stacked controlling Aeolus. This required to buy a MIDI pedalboard for about 1500 €, plus an organ bench. Which was a botch.

A further option was to buy some complete console built to control a software emulation like Aeolus. The price tag was impressive, though.

The last option was to buy a complete digital intrument, like the Johannus Studio (very cheap look-and-feel) or Opus. I played the latter one at the local trumpet store. The hardware was great, though the sound didn’t fit my taste at all.

I had about 8 weeks left until the concert and still no instrument to practice. I had one last chance by visiting Kisselbach to try their Gloria Klassik instruments available as two II/26, II/40 and III/52 instruments. I played the 240 and was overwhelmed. And I still am. Kisselbach shipped the instrument within a couple of days.

Compared to the 226, the 240 provides the typical stops necessary to play french music. The instrument provides 4 instruments to select from, 2 baroque, 2 romantic. Since the purchase, I never used anything than the Romantic 1 instrument.

The only thing I’m missing is that I’d like to invert the manuals. The upper contains all stops typical for a french “Positif de Dos”. Fantastic. But on a real instrument the Positif is the lower, not the upper manual. Some digital organs allow the user to swap the manuals via the menu. This instrument does not.

It’s not really an issue. Some practice using the target instrument is required anyway.

I’m more than content with the 240. It’s just what I wanted. And compared to the other options I had, it’s quite easy to use. Switch it on, sit down, and start playing.

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