Möve Voyager pedelec

Almost exactly 13 years ago, I bought a Gudereit LC-R, which a german biking magazine had labeled as “Rohloff rocket”. It served me very well (I’m still using it) and was the perfect bike for the quite flat upper rhine plane. But 18 months ago I moved to a rather hilly region. As a consequence, my biking activities dropped down to near zero. A replacement was mandatory.

The Möve Voyager features a Pinion C1.12, a Gates Carbon Drive, a Neodrives Z20 (40 Nm) and a battery with 36V current and a capacity of 625 Wh. I immediately did a test ride of about 18 km this evening, including 2 inclines I never had taken before. So at first glance, I’m quite content.