Playing the Dubois organ

As in 2016, 2017, and 2018, I once again was allowed to play a short concert for my family at the Dubois organ, Wissembourg. Since I was not content with last year’s performance, I had to completely alter my practicing practices. I’m still not where I’d like to be – weaknesses I do not notice at home quickly become audible at the historic instrument.

Here’s this year’s menu:

  • Michel Corrette – Premier Livre d’Orgue (1737) – Concert de Flûtes
  • Johann Pachelbel – Chaconne
  • Louis-Nicolas Clérambault – Premier Livre d’Orgue – Plein Jeu
  • Louis-Nicolas Clérambault – Premier Livre d’Orgue – Duo
  • Louis-Nicolas Clérambault – Premier Livre d’Orgue – Récit de Nazard
  • Jean Babtiste Lully – Armide, Acte 5, Scène 1 (LWV 71, 1686) – Passacaille

I’m still far away from performing the Passacaille (sheet music release here) as elegantly as with the linked orchestral version. But without the new practises, I even had not been able to reach what I achieved so far.

So, am I content? No. Am I uncontent? No, I’m just on track :) .

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